Late November 2022

As Term 1 wraps up we are happy to share our latest news with you.

I am often in awe of our young people; resilient, smart, and energetic. As we draw closer to winter break, we notice the dancers are weary but are always working hard to reach their potential. Ms. Lorraine

2nd Open House via Zoom Nov 28 – Dec 3

Come and see for yourself: Email us for Zoom Room details (photo credit – Sheena Davies)

2nd Term Payments – due December 1st – HUGE CHANGES! PLEASE READ

Our year is divided into three equal terms. Log into your studio director account to see the details of your invoice and be sure to email me with any questions. Paying your invoice on time helps us greatly and we truly appreciate your support in this.  Payments ARE NO LONGER TO BE MADE BY E-TRANSFER. In the hopes of simplifying things for you, we are moving to a Debit payment system with a terminal at the studio. I will be available as much as possible from November 26th – December 3rd for you to pop in with your debit card. On an ongoing basis, you will be able to come into the studio annex and make a payment for anything e.g. an exam, a costume, merchandise, tuition, etc. using your debit card and our new point of sale terminal.

RAD Ballet Exam and Award entries submitted.

We expect an ‘in-studio’ exam session end of Feb/beginning of March. Details will follow. In the meantime, check the dress code and be sure not to miss class!

Steps Merchandise has been delivered and is ready for pick-up

Please bring cash or your debit card for your order. LABEL YOUR DANCERS’ GEAR.

Costumes for our May Production “Red”

We are cognizant of keeping costs down. This year you will see great variation in the cost of a costume. In the past we have simply charged $90 per costume, however, this year we are awaiting delivery and adding the exact charge to your account. So far these have ranged from $35 to $110. Several classes will see costume balances on their accounts now: These include Pre-Primary Ballet, Grade 4 Ballet, Intermediate Ballet, Senior Open Ballet, Inter Street, and Senior Street. Please help us by paying your costume balance as soon as possible. Debit card payments are accepted at the studio. Some classes have ALREADY received their costume – as always be sure to keep them in a safe place at home and LABEL ALL ITEMS.

Winter Holidays: We are closed for regular classes from Dec 12th – Jan 2nd

All dancers headed to NYC (a separate email will be sent) are required 5 pm – 7 pm on December 12th – 15th.

Winter celebrations – all dancers welcome – Dec 17th