Welcome to the 2022/23 Dance Season

It has been a glorious summer and we are now anxious to get back to a full and busy class schedule starting September 12th, with all classes taking place at our Steps Ahead Dance, Studio 2 at Whippletree Junction. We hope you take the time to read these pages before the season begins. If you are new to Steps Ahead Dance – WELCOME! and if you are returning – WELCOME BACK! Thank you for your trust in us. We are honoured to have the opportunity to enrich your dancer’s life through art.

Masks remain OPTIONAL at Studio2. The health and safety of our dancers, families, and faculty will always remain at the forefront of our minds. Outbreaks of COVID-19 along with other infectious diseases will be closely monitored and measures will be taken as needed. Steps Ahead Dance has in the past and will continue to, echo the BC Govt stand on masking and other preventative measures. Any future preventable measures required at school and other public situations will also be required at Studio2. Proof of Vaccination is not required at Studio2 although may be required in other circumstances when a dancer is on a trip (e.g. New York City tour July 23), or in a public setting (e.g. Cowichan Performing Arts Centre May 23).

Media Bans are when a family decides, for many valid reasons, not to have a dancer’s image shared on social media. Social media has increasingly become an integral part of marketing, however, we fully support any family wishing to opt out. Email Lorraine directly to submit an opt-out request before September 12th, 2022. 


And if you are so inclined, join our closed group for registered families here:


Absence due to illness is to be expected upon occasion. If your dancer or a family member is feeling unwell please remain at home. An email to your teacher is considered a courtesy and would be greatly appreciated. (Faculty email addresses posted below).

We are no longer offering the option to ZOOM-in at every class. The faculty have reported that teaching both on Zoom and in the room is fragmenting both the learning and teaching experiences. Having said this, if your dancer is absent for more than two lessons in a row due to illness, please contact us for a virtual option. 

Our primary channel of communication with you is email. Do not ‘opt-out of emails’ on Studio Director as you will not receive vital information from us. We endeavour to keep mailouts to a minimum but urge you to remain abreast by reading them. I am always happy to receive communication from you, preferably VIA phone call or email. Our faculty include young professionals with other jobs and busy family lives. They are happy to hear from you regarding your dancer (particularly in the case of absences or other personal ‘need to know’ information). Teacher email addresses have been sent to registered familes.

Traffic Flow

We are fortunate to have sufficient parking at Whippletree Junction to accommodate us all. Student arrival remains through our deck and back door. Departure will be via the side back door and parents are requested to remain in their vehicle whenever possible. Very young dancers can be escorted by parents to the back door and wait on our deck or assist their dancers in the annex momentarily as they get settled. We cannot accommodate parents or siblings remaining on the premises throughout class time.

Dancers will be greeted by a studio assistant or teacher and instructed to (with assistance if necessary)

  1. Change footwear
  2. Pack all belongings into a cubby (please do not send any extra items) Dancers are to keep their belongings in a bag (or bin) while dancing. Labeling your dancers’ items helps us a great deal.
  3. Enter the studio and dance!


Pride in personal appearance is a part of being a performance artist. We ask our dancers to adhere to our dress codes listed online. (In some cases the exact leotard model is not necessary). 

  • BALLET DRESS CODE can be found here:
  • MODERN, JAZZ, BROADWAY & ACRO DRESS CODES can be found here:
  • TAP DRESS CODE can be found here:

Toes ‘N Taps in Victoria will be able to fill your uniform requirements.

W Dance Wear in Duncan may also have some of the items in stock.

Sadly – our online dance store and relationship with Johnny Brown has ended due to the closure of that business.

Registration/Accounts/Class Schedules – Studio Director Portal


Student Waivers are now ready to be signed for the 22/23 season. Please be sure you have read and signed the waiver before September 12th, 2022.

Tuition Fees

Your fees are due at the start of each term (September, December, and March). Fees can be paid by cash or cheque at the studio (please use a clearly marked envelope if dropping off tuition), but preferably by e-transfer to stepsaheadbc@gmail.com

Please make your security question: What is the first name of my oldest dancer? 

Note: One month’s written notice is required if withdrawing.

Other Fees:

  • Costume Fees – $80 per dancer/per class will be posted to your account on November 1st. If the cost & delivery of said costume vary greatly from this amount a refund or further charge will be applied to your Studio Director account. We aim to keep all costume fees as reasonable as possible all the while creating a professional and attractive image on stage (a balancing act, for sure!)
  • DanceBug FeesEach family is charged a DanceBug fee, also on November 1st. This is for filming, editing, and streaming of our performance. DanceBug is creating our May ‘23 contract and it is not surprising that we are expecting a price increase. However, after reviewing survey responses from this past spring we find the vast majority of you are delighted with this product (indeed, the 2022 footage quality is, in our opinion, very high). The probable fee per family will increase to $35 (from $30).
  • Performance Fees – $25 per dancer – posted to your SD account on March 1st, 2023 – to cover the theatre rental and technical crew for rehearsal at Cowichan Performing Arts Centre.

SWAG -Steps Ahead Dance will again be offering a variety of warm-up and cover-ups this season. All orders will be sent to julie@bestcoastbranding.ca. Pictures of samples will be sent out in the fall. Be sure to order early for Christmas! Remember – we want your dancer to arrive for a class already dressed in leotard and tights – these warm-up items will be the perfect cover-ups to keep you warm and safe on the way into the studio. 

We are sure you are looking forward to witnessing your dancer’s progress:

Fall Open House – October 17th – 22nd 

Winter Open House – November 28th – Dec 3rd

Open House weeks will take place on Zoom – all parents will be welcome to watch class. Zoom Room details have been sent to you.

Important Dates  http://www.stepsaheadbc.com/important-dates-this-year/ Be sure to add these dates to your calendar. They can easily be found by scrolling to the bottom of the homepage of our website and clicking on Important Dates.

Year–End Annual Performance entitled “RED”– May 25th – 27th, 2023. 

Much creative energy is going into it, we know you will not be disappointed!

New this year – Barre-Fit with Miss Bryony – For adults – Friday lunchtime class to get you into shape. Don’t let your child have all the fun – register on Studio Director today.

We have been working hard this spring and summer completing professional development and creating choreography. Teachers traveled to Toronto, learned online, and attended classes and workshops locally here in BC. We are ready and can hardly wait to see you soon!   

Kindest regards,                                          

Ms. Lorraine and the Steps Faculty