Welcome to the 2020/21 Dance Season

It has been an endlessly long spring and summer and we are beyond excited to get back to a full class schedule in our new location – Steps Ahead Dance, Studio 2 at Whippletree Junction.

A few things to remember:

COVID 19 is very much at the forefront of our minds and the safety of our dancers and faculty is of utmost importance.

New policies are in place.

If you have not already done so, please take the time to read our MITIGATION PLAN, BEFORE returning to the studio.


CLEAR LABELLED BINS are now mandatory at Steps Ahead for every dancer – get your supplies together and make sure the bin is large enough to hold ALL PERSONAL BELONGINGS, including shoes and jackets.

The use of MASKS has been a long-debated subject this summer. The faculty at Steps Ahead will have a mask to use when teaching or correcting a student at less than 2m distance. You are welcome to send your dancer to class with a mask.

ABSENCE due to illness is to be expected this season. If your dancer or a family member is feeling unwell – you now have the option to DANCE at home– never miss a lesson – simply log into our ZOOM ROOM

Faculty will take attendance of students both in the studio and on the screen.

Like many things, arrival and dismissal will look a little different this year. Students will enter via the back door of Studio 2 – parents are requested to remain in their vehicle.

Those very young dancers can be escorted by parents to the back door and wait (socially distanced) to be invited into the annex. Sadly, we cannot accommodate parents or siblings on the premises at this time.

Dancers will be greeted by a studio assistant or teacher and instructed to

  1. Use hand sanitizer (supplied)
  2. Change footwear
  3. Pack all belongings into clear bin
  4. Enter the studio, place bin at back of room (distanced from other bins) and stand on a distanced dance sticker – ready to dance!

After class, dancers will exit via the front door of Studio2 and will walk around the building to the rear to be collected. PLEASE PARK AT THE REAR.

The DRESS CODE for BALLET students can be found online here:


The DRESS CODE for TAP can be found here:

One new addition this season, under the guidance of both the RAD and ISTD, is the use of DANCE SOCKS in modern and contemporary genres. ACRO will not require socks or shoes – Please note – all dancers registered in ACRO will receive a separate email from Miss Cat and Miss Hayley in this regard.

All dancewear can be purchased through our ONLINE STORE. Click HERE:

Alternatively, Toes ‘N Taps in Victoria, or W Dance Wear in Duncan will be able to fill all of your uniform requirements.


Details are found on your Studio Director Account https://app.thestudiodirector.com/stepsaheadbc/portal.sd.

Tuition Fees

Your fees are due at the start of each term (September, December and March). We are not accepting fees for the full year. Fees can be paid by cash or cheque at the studio (please use a clearly marked envelope if dropping off tuition), but preferably by e-transfer to payment@stepsaheadbc.com. Please make you security question: What is the first name of my oldest dancer? thanks!

Please Note:

  1. If we are unable to meet in person – all classes – same schedule – will continue on Zoom.
  2. If your dancers is under the weather – he/she can remain at home and take class by logging into our Zoom Room – teachers will take attendance both in the room and on Zoom. Zoom Room # and Password is emailed to all registered Steps families.
  3. One months written notice is required when withdrawing

Costume Fees

At this time, we will not collect costume fees. It is our hope to re-use as many costumes as possible. Stay tuned – we may ask if we can have an old costume back from you – and our teachers may be sourcing accessories at local shops – we will get creative. If we need to order a costume for your dancer’s class – you will be billed at a later date. We will, of course, keep all costs down wherever possible.

DanceBug Fees

Each family will be charged the $30 DanceBug fee in October. This is for streaming of our performance – POSSIBLY EVEN MORE IMPORTANT THIS YEAR than ever before.

Open House

Our annual winter Open House will take place on Zoom – all parents will be welcome to watch class via ZOOM ROOM


Steps Ahead Dance will be offering a variety of warm-up and cover-ups and even masks this season. All orders will be sent to julie@bestcoastbranding.ca. Pictures of samples will be sent out soon. Be sure to order early for Christmas! Remember – we want your dancer to arrive for class already dressed in leotard and tights – these warm-up items will be the perfect cover-ups to keep you warm and safe on the way into the studio.

ISTD Exams

For those of you who had entered for a spring examination that was postponed – stay tuned. We are looking forward to November entries.

IMPORTANT DATES  http://www.stepsaheadbc.com/schedules-events/ Be sure to add these dates to your calendar.

Year – End Annual Performance (AKA Performing @ Home)

Our performance week dates remain the same – May 25th – 29th, 2021. All other details remain fluid at this time.

We have been working hard this spring and summer readying the studio and completing professional development and we can hardly wait to see you all again soon!   Kindest regards,                                          

Ms. Lorraine