Arts Education, Steps Ahead (AESA)

Arts Education, Steps Ahead (AESA)


At Steps Ahead we believe art is an integral component of a student’s rounded education. During these challenging times, the health and safety of our faculty and students remain of utmost importance and therefore we are embarking on this new opportunity for students in the Cowichan Valley to participate in a creative, explorative and physically challenging program.

  • AESA has been formed to offer an alternative to public school for those seeking an enriched arts education in Grades 5-8.
  • AESA offers a safe, exclusive cohort with a maximum of 8 students.
  • AESA offers support to students as they follow their online core curriculum through SIDES or THE GROVE (as arranged by the family)
  • AESA is committed to offering opportunities that allow a deeper exploration of the performing arts.

Learning Outcomes:

Exploring and creating

Reasoning and reflecting

Communicating and documenting

Art Education Including:

Physical and health education: How do we see others. Healthy choices. Individual, group and community health.

Physical literacy: Healthy and Active living. Social and Community Health.

Aboriginal Arts


9am – 2.15pm Monday – Thursday –


SD79 and Steps Ahead Dance Calendar followed

Any student registered in AESA receives a 40% discount on all tuition fees for Steps Ahead Dance classes.

Please contact us for further information or to express interest: