Welcome (Back!)

As you may have a few questions I though I would start the new season with an informative email.

Classes begin September 10th (with the first Saturday being the 15th).

Fees: It is far better for us if you mail fees prior to the term commencing, as we do not have an office area available during class time. Please contact me with any questions regarding fees.

However, If you are planning to bring your tuition (cheques to Steps Ahead) or costume (cheques to D. Oxton) fees to the studio instead of mailing them to Box 101, Mill Bay, V0R 2P0, please understand we are busy teaching. Therefore, place cheques securely in a sealed envelope with an explanation on the front i.e. student’s name, amount and description (e.g. costume fee). Miss Chantelle will not have time to do anything other than take an envelope. I will follow up on all financial issues during the week.

For those returning students who are familiar with Dulcie Oxton, please be aware she may not be available this term to assist – therefore you will have to ask questions via email (stepsaheadbc@gmail.com) or telephone (250) 701 0203.

COSTUME FEES are due October 1st ($60 per subject) and are to be made payable to D. Oxton. Please be sure to mail us a cheque soon (if you have not already done so). Costumes will be ordered Thanksgiving weekend.

The Green Room is an area where parents and siblings can wait on Saturday mornings (9am – 12.45pm only). Please respect the space and, most importantly, do NOT drop off younger students with the expectation they will be supervised. Steps Ahead Dance is only responsible for your dancer while she is in class!

For those new to us this season:
The studio is located on the SW corner of the T Gil Bunch Centre for the Performing Arts at Brentwood College School. To get there, drive through the main gates of the school and turn right immediately after you pass the tennis courts. You will find a large parking lot on your left. The T. Gil Bunch Centre for the Performing Arts

Dress code is available on our website (www.stepsaheadbc.com) where we suggest you go to Toes N Taps on Cook Street in Victoria for your supplies. Toes ‘n Taps Google Map
Also remember to check out our website for used items!

We do not have a ‘closed door’ policy at Steps Ahead, however, we request you watch through the full-length windows at the south end of the studio. A parent in the studio does not assist the little ones in becoming comfortable, and can be distracting. Of course, if there are any tears we will work with you to assist your dancer in gaining confidence as quickly as possible!

The Saturday morning classes each have a teacher and an assistant. The student assistant will be able to take students to the bathroom if necessary, however, please get into the habit of making a trip to use the bathroom before class starts. If one 4yr old needs to “go”, they all do!!

All this may seem rather daunting at the beginning, but after 28 successful years of teaching I am sure your dancer will have a wonderful experience at our school. Please contact me with any questions, concerns or comments!

Lorraine Blake
F.I.S.T.D. R.A.D.