I just want to thank you and Dulcie for everything you’ve done for me the past 8 years. When I was looking for a new dance school to attend after leaving (past dance school), I figured I would be school-hopping for a while until I found a place I enjoyed and felt like I could move myself forward in. I found that place at Steps Ahead and I’m so happy I was able to learn and grow with you as my teacher. You encouraged all of us to work hard to achieve our goals, whether it was to pursue a career in dance, or if we just wanted to master a single wing. I particularly want to thank you for allowing me to help you teach the little tappers for 2 years; those Saturdays were without a doubt the highlight of my week. Seeing the difference a few months of lessons make in the technique of dancers that young was the most rewarding thing I’ve been involved with and it’s because of you and Dulcie that I will be getting my teaching certificate here in Vancouver. You’ve been a great influence on me and I admire the dedication you have to the art of dance; I’m proud to say that you were my instructor for the past 8 years. Good luck with your future classes, they’re all very lucky kids!