I just wanted to let you know how much I loved the show this past weekend. I particularly loved the performances Kenya was in, and not just because she was in them, but because of the actual numbers. However, the whole thing was so entertaining – from the sweetness of the pre-schoolers, to the earnestness of the class that was awarded with the ballet trophy. Thank you to you and all your teachers for the huge amount of work you put into visioning, creating, choreographing, practicing, adapting, perfecting and staging the show every year. While Kenya has always had a love for dance, you and Miss Chantelle have given her a passion for ballet. Thank you – because she seems to revel in all of the wonderful aspects of the dance, including the athleticism and the art, without becoming obsessed with how her body conforms to ballet’s physical ideal. I fully attribute this to both of you – and I thank you for it.