Private Lessons at Steps Ahead

Our faculty are available for private lessons during the school year. If you would like your dancer to work on technique, exam prep, pre-pointe, etc. outside of regular class time, please contact the teacher of your choice, directly.

Rate is Per Hour and includes a studio fee of $10 per hour

Julianna                       $40                  ($30 to teacher/$10 to studio)

Hayley                         $40                  ($30 to teacher/$10 to studio)

Cat                               $40                  ($30 to teacher/$10 to studio)          

Bryony                         $40                  ($30 to teacher/$10 to studio)          

Lorraine                      $50                  ($40 to teacher/$10 to studio)

It is preferable private lessons are paid for in cash.

Teachers will submit the studio portion to the office at the time of the lesson.

Parent testimony:

My daughter’s private lessons with Ms. Lorraine have given her the opportunity to work directly on the elements of technique that need attention, as well as providing extra help in competition, pre-pointe/pointe, and exam preparation. This year she has grown and improved so much as a result. I cannot recommend private lessons enough!

Taking private lessons with Ms. Lorraine not only significantly improved our daughter’s confidence and technique, but more importantly, the one-on-one time was therapeutic for her mental health and became her favourite hour of the week.,,,