Update: November 20, 2020



Along with our previous mandate of mandatory masks in the Annex, it is now expected that students wear a mask while participating in dance classes, at this time. We will review this policy in two weeks time. 

Please be assured that all of us at Steps Ahead Dance are doing everything we can to remain proactive while anticipating how to alleviate the risk of any of our students and staff or their families from becoming ill. 

While dance studios in BC are subject to further revised guidelines, yet to be announced, we would like to remind parents of the following: 

  • Syllabus based dance class is inherently socially distanced.
  • Dance class at Steps Ahead Dance is structured and disciplined and therefore inherently safe
  • Schedules at Steps Ahead are limited to those registered and remain in safe, small cohorts.

Hand sanitizing, temperature checks along with enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols are things we continue to practice on a daily basis. Aeration of the studio spaces will now take place hourly.

We trust that your dancer will continue to be vigilant with hand washing, social distancing and wearing a mask at all times while in the building.

Our goals are to keep everyone healthy, keep our doors open and teach as many dancers as possible! As the pandemic’s 2nd wave peaks in BC we are constantly reviewing and updating our mitigation plan.

Easy November Extended through December for SOME classes.

Thank you all for your participation in “Easy November” these past ten days. We have truly missed the contact that we usually enjoy with parents at this time of year and understand the limitations of online participation in class. We believe, however, that it is our collective responsibility to mitigate the spread of CORONAvirus and we trust that we will all do our part to keep ourselves, our families and co-workers safe and healthy as we navigate new restrictions and safety protocols, building upon the stringent policies and guidelines already in place. Please see below regarding capacities of students in our spaces.

While this winter continues to throw curve-balls at all of our daily routines, knocking us temporarily off-balance, we want to remind you of the positive, relaxing, healthy benefits your dancer receives while in the studio. During these difficult times, Miss Bryony, Miss Jenny, Miss Cat, Miss Hayley, Miss Julianna  and Ms Lorraine still strive to provide consistently engaging, safe, creative, educational and fun classes for your dancer to look forward to each week. 

November 20, 2020 Update

Zoom Open House runs all of next week. Please join us online for a peek at our dancers in class!

Monday Nov 23rd to Saturday Nov 28th

Please log in a couple of minutes before class starts. We hope you enjoy watching the classes!

Zoom Room ID number: 915 643 7438

Password:  stepsahead

Part of our mitigation plan review includes limiting the numbers of students in our classes. Originally allowing for 12 students and 1 instructor in the studio, we are now limiting our number of students to 10 in the studio.

For the rest of Term 1 – Nov 23rd – Dec 12th (when regular classes end for the 1st term) we are happy to invite students in all classes with 10 or less back to the studio,  with masks

                                                      These are: 

Musical Movement

Primary Ballet

Grade 1 Ballet

Grade 2 Ballet

Grade 3 Ballet 

Grade 4 Ballet semi-private

Inter Foundation Ballet

Rep Ballet

Intermediate Ballet

Senior Open Ballet A and B

Grade 8 Ballet

Intro to Tap

Grade 5 Tap

Intermediate Tap

Grade 3 Modern

Grade 5 Modern

Grade 6 Modern

Adv 1 Modern

Open Modern

Acro I and II

Open Jazz

Broadway Senior

Classes with more than 10 students – we ask you consider continuing “Easy November” through to the end of term (Dec. 12, 2020).

If you have already Zoomed once or twice so far – please come to the studio. If you have not Zoomed yet, please consider taking one class on Zoom over the next three weeks.

Pre-Primary Ballet

Gr 1 Modern

Street Dance

Grade 5 Ballet

Grade 4 Modern

Broadway Junior

Senior Contemporary (already split)

It is good to note that the classes listed here have a registration of 11 or 12 in each. We are not looking for the majority of dancers to stay on Zoom – but rather one or two dancers each class. 

Please note second term fees are due December 19, 2020


The exciting news of a vaccine on the horizon is allowing us to plan for our show in May. This seems far away right now; but we are making music selections and planning choreography. Remember, all dancers will perform in May; a highlight for every dancer for sure. 

The second term at Steps Ahead will be filled with remote ballet exams and awards (end February), SAPG performances at the Cowichan Festival and other venues (remotely) and learning choreography for our show.

We are so grateful to be able to continue teaching and guiding your dancer. Teachers and dancers alike rely on the studio as a place to create, experience, share, exercise and connect. COVID-19 has, in the word of a wise parent, taught us 

‘we can do hard things’.

Thank you for being a part of our dance family and as always, please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Ms. Lorraine