May 8th and 11th


May 8th – Miss Bryony’s Tap classes are to bring their costumes and come at their regular class times to THE STUDIO! Not the Masonic Hall

May 11th – Due to a theatre rental on this date we are combining classes. This will give the students a chance to dance on stage and rehearse their part in the finale with other groups. Please note the Saturday Schedule for that date:
9am Musical Movement (fairies), Pre-Prim (Gnomes) and Prim Ballet (Flowers)
10am Prim and Gr 1 Modern (Purple People Eaters)
10.45am Grade 1 (Christopher’s Friends) and Gr 2 Ballet (Moths)
11.45am Grade 2 (Green Onions) and Gr 3 Modern (Mr. Blue Sky)
12.45pm END – quick pick up is necessary as the renters arrive at this time.